Camp Work It Out


Only $275 per session
until March 30, 2018


Delaware Design Lab High School
179 Stanton Christiana Rd
Newark, DE 19702

2018 Dates

June 18th to August 3rd 2018
6 One Week Sessions
For Kids Ages 10-17

Camp Times

Monday Through Thursday*
8:00 am until 3:00pm

After care available from 3:00-6:00 for an additional fee

*Optional Friday Field Trips



Early Bird Pricing*
$275 per one week session

$75 non refundable registration fee

*Available until March 30, 2018 – $325 after April 1, 2018


How camp works

Each morning we will focus on the theme of the session (see below for session themes). In the afternoon, we will focus on staying active with fun games including having water activities. (*Details coming*)

Activities – From dance to water sports, your child’s summer will be filled with activities to get their blood pumping. Our goal is to keep every child active and show them that there’s more options for a healthy active lifestyle that fit their interests. Whether learning martial arts or playing a sport like football, we guarantee a fun and sweaty filled summer.

Journaling – To help campers stay healthy, we will help them identify a healthy lifestyle goal for which we help them achieve by giving every camper an activity tracker and a journal. The journal will have 28 kid-friendly, yet healthy meals and snacks campers are encouraged to enjoy at home. We will log our activities and food intake daily to make sure campers our following their program. All of the goals identified will be discussed with, and approved by, the camper’s parent/guardian in the beginning of the session.

Optional Friday Field Trips – While camp is runs Monday through Thursday, we offer optional field trip Fridays where we take the campers on an adventure tied to health and fitness. Fields trips vary and can range from attending a baseball game to learning how to cook. More details for the 2018 field trip schedule to follow. Field trip Fridays are an additional cost from the camp session rate.

Meals  Campers are provided a healthy breakfast, lunch and two snacks per day. Water is also provided throughout the day. Dietary restrictions? No problem. If your child has specific dietary restrictions or allergies, please include it on the registration form.

Sessions (Week by Week)

  1. Nutrition – Campers will learn the health impacts of what we put into our bodies and learn to make healthy food alternatives that taste great and are budget friendly.
  2. Goal-Setting – With the help of our trained staff and counselors, campers will focus on setting goals and creating easy-to-follow steps to stick to those goals.
  3. I Like to Move It Move It! – We want campers to learn fun ways to get active and healthy. Exercised and energized at least twenty minutes at a time.
  4. Team Building – While being healthy is a solo sport, we will show campers the importance of being part of a team and taking this journey together. This session is all about being active though team-building activities.
  5. Creativity Works – Staying healthy means replacing unhealthy habits with productive and fun outlets. In this session we will explore dance, creative writing martial arts, music and more.
  6. 10,000 steps to Success – It’s recommended to take 10,000 steps a day to a healthy lifestyle. We will work with each camper to achieve 10,000 steps per day; and motivate those who have already achieved that goal, to surpass it!


Have questions about Camp Work it Out!? Drop us a line and we’ll be back in touch with you shortly.

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